DS Smart is an engineering company focused on mapping out and executing projects in the field of engineering and automation technologies with considerable experience in the automotive area. We take care of the projects from start to finish, including the testing phase, complete documentation, all necessary certificates, revisions from certified authorities, as well as the final validation at the client’s place. Moreover, we provide warranty and post-warranty support for the client.

Our story began in 2016 as a result of coincidence and a couple of people, some of which just met and some of which already knew each other. A concept was created, a concept that represented a turn back to roots for some, a new opportunity for others and the first experience for someone else. However, what we had and still have in common is a passion for creation, reliability, humour, team work, expertise and a solution-oriented approach. From the moment of our creation, we are preparing and working towards the growth and increased stability of our team, our competencies and our sources, as well as the relationships with our partners. Our goal is to prepare and execute solutions for our customers, focusing on their satisfaction and our enjoyment.
2016 (summer)

Establishing the business team

2016 – 2018

Implementation of multiple projects (under the parent company DS Systems)

2017 (November)

Foundation of the company

2018 (May through October)

Preparation of the workplace

2018 (summer)

Growth of the team

2018 (September)

Independent economic activity

2018 (November)

Opening of the Business Office

2020 (spring)

Partnership with a new client

Our services

Expert and design work

in the automotive and engineering industries

Research and development

of new tooling and machine groups

Manufacture and assembly

of the designed products

Maintenance support

of the delivered products


Joint effort of nine passionate individuals ensures that our competencies are fulfilled and developed further. The team grows or is adjusted accordingly to meet the needs of each project.
Managing and engineering of projects
3D printing of products
PLC systems – Siemens, Rockwell
Cost calculations and time planning of projects
Creation of the complete project documentation
Activation, testing and commissioning of the devices
Creation of documentation in 3D as well as 2D (SolidWorks, Catia)
Mechanical, electric and pneumatic assembly
Lifetime customer support


Refer to our gallery below for dozens of finished projects for several of our clients, mostly in the automotive industry. These are examples of engineering solutions designed to meet the specific needs of our clients, in which we developed and built on our clients’ ideas and transformed them into real products or services.
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DS Smart, s.r.o.

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